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Recent study confirms: Brain training can reduce the risk for dementia by 48%

We are fortunate to live the longest lives ever since the beginning of mankind – but higher life expectancy also implies an increase in age-related diseases. Dementia, in particular, has become a widespread disease, and scientists all over the world are researching methods for combatting it.

But finally we have some good news. Although there is still no medication that can cure dementia, which has also been called “the 21st century plague” due to its rapid increase through the world population, leading neuroscientists have found ways to reduce the risk and keep the brain fit in older age.

Incredible results

A few weeks ago, scientists presented some revolutionary insights from their “ACTIVE” study at the International Alzheimer’s Association Conference in Toronto. The study, which is one of the largest in the field of cognitive decline, took 10 years and involved 3.000 participants.

The results of the study are clear:

Risk for dementia can be significantly decreased by regular brain training.

48% lower risk for dementia through personalised brain training

The study demonstrated that participants who trained their cognition and particularly their fluid intelligence with personalised brain exercises showed a 48% lower risk for getting dementia over a 10-year period compared to participants in a control group.

The tests included not only mental exercises, but they also required the performance of everyday tasks such as driving a car, handling finances independently, and actively participating in life.

Mentally fit with NeuroNation

It is important that the brain is regularly challenged. Effective, scientifically based brain training is a suitable way of challenging the brain and staying mentally agile in older age. NeuroNation brain training is based on the latest findings from brain research and it is designed to constantly adjusts to your abilities.

NeuroNation exercises were developed in collaboration with renowned neuroscientists. A study conducted by NeuroNation in cooperation with the Department of Psychology at the Freie Universität Berlin (Free University of Berlin) and Professor Niedeggen, an expert in the field of neuropsychology, proved the effectiveness of the training.

Your mental fitness is in your own hands

We ourselves have an influence on whether we stay mentally fit or whether dementia makes us forget some of the best moments of our lives. NeuroNation offers scientifically designed courses to keep your brain fit.

Don’t forget your mental health – take action!

Start training

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