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The NeuroNation Team

The team behind NeuroNation consists of senior IT experts and renowned neuroscientists.

The founders developed the NeuroNation training in collaboration with the Department of Education and Psychology, General Psychology and Neuropsychology in 2011. Today, NeuroNation is the European leader for brain training. Complemented by unique game elements motivating the users to peak performances.

NeuroNation is the only brain training worldwide to be reimbursed by a public health insurance. In addition, NeuroNation has been distinguished by the German Federal Ministry of Health, was selected as one of the top apps by Apple and has been the world’s best rated brain training in the Google Playstore since October 2014.

The NeuroNation-Team is convinced to be part of a positive social change combining cognitive and physical health and thus improving the quality of life of every member.

The founders

Rojahn Ahmadi and Jakob Futorjanski

Rojahn Ahmadi Jakob Futorjanski

NeuroNation is a product of its founders’ enthusiasm for the potential of the human brain. Dipl.-Inf. Rojahn Ahmadi and  Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Inf. Jakob Futorjanski’s focus on artificial intelligence during their studies made the IT-experts aware of the importance of cognitive exercise for a society in permanent information overload. The demographic development towards an aging population adds to the significance of brain health.

Before commencing work on the first version of NeuroNation in 2010, Rojahn developed award-winnning games with his first company OneExtraGames. Jakob began his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory. In the aftermath he built up the Groupon business in Amsterdam before joining NeuroNation in 2012.

Scientific Partners

Prof. Dr. med. Falkenstein

Prof. Dr. med. Falkenstein

is the project leader of „Aging and the Changes in the Central Nervous System” at the Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment and Human Factors (IfADo). In addition, he is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Psychophysiology discussing the physical correlation of psychological processes. Professor Falkenstein’s work is focused on the changes of cognitive functioning in the ageing process, and the cerebral changes caused by it. Moreover, he researches instruments for the improvement of cognitive functioning in adults of age. He utilizes NeuroNation in his projects and supports and consults the company in its development of new exercises.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Niedeggen

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Niedeggen

advises and supports the NeuroNation-Team in the conceptualization of new exercises. He is the head of the Department of Education and Psychology, General Psychology and Neuropsychology at the Free University Berlin. One unit of the department is the neuropsychological consultation that detects dysfunctions of the attention span and the memory. In addition, a cognitive training for adults of age is offered. Since 2012, NeuroNation exercises are used for this purpose. NeuroNation works closely together with Prof. Dr. Niedeggen and optimizes its exercises according to scientific findings. Together with the FU Berlin NeuroNation has conducted a study regarding the efficacy of the NeuroNation Training. The participants showed significant improvement of the attention and the memory.

PD Dr. Tilo Strobach

PD Dr. Tilo Strobach

advises NeuroNation on the topic of evaluations of training programs. Dr. Strobach represents the field of General Psychology at the Hagen University as well as at the Humboldt University Berlin. He has studied the effects of different forms of cognitive training on the plasticity of the human brain and its functions. The different forms training include memory training, multitasking and exercises with video games. A special interest of this research lies on the transfer effect of the intervention beyond the specific circumstances of the training, for instance to everyday life, and the influence of ageing on the plasticity of the cognitive system. In this context it is important to investigate the basic mechanisms explaining plasticity as a result of the training.

Expert Advisors

Markus Hofmann

Markus Hofmann

is a member of the managing board of the German Speakers Association (GSA) and one of the four German speaking Certified Speaking Professionals. Next to his engagement as a top-speaker he is closely linked to the latest reasearch on the topic: As the director of the Steinbeis Transfer Institute, visiting lecturer at the Steinbeis College Berlin as well as at the Management University St. Gallen and the ZfU International Business School. As a top-memory trainer he knows how to inspire hundreds to thousands of people to inprompt to peak memory performances that can be scaled with regular training.

The Partners

NeuroNation is proud of its strong network of partners and the support of the government, public bodies, and the private sector in form of financial support, prizes and awards.

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